Sprite Tool

The Sprite Editor Tool allows you to preview and edit sprites in memory. This tool is critical to see all of the sprites that are imported into the game and verifying that they are displayed correctly. Let's take a look at the Sprite Editor Tool's default layout.

image alt text

The tool is broken down into 3 parts: the sprite editor, the sprite picker, and the color picker. Let’s get started by talking about the picker. This tool is rather straightforward. Simply select a sprite you would like to edit and it will load up on the canvas. Use the tools to modify it, and once saved, the sprites.png file will be updated with the changes.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Sprite Tool has the following keyboard shortcuts based on what actions are available.





Ctrl + D

Clear all of the pixel data in the currently selected sprite.


Ctrl + S

Save the changes to the sprites.png file.


Ctrl + Z

Undo the last sprite pixel data change.


Ctrl + Y

Redo the last sprite pixel data change.


Ctrl + C

Copy the currently selected sprite.


Ctrl + V

Paste the previously copied sprite data over to the currently selected sprite.


Ctrl + Q

Quit the current tool.