Sprite Pages

The picker displays a single page of sprites. Each page contains 256 sprites. You can have up to 8 pages of sprites in memory. You can change the total number of sprites in the Chip Editor or by hand in the data.json file.

image alt text

When you modify the number of sprite pages, new page tabs will show up under the sprite picker. It is important to note that the transparent color is represented by magenta (#FF00FF). If a sprite’s data contains no pixel data, the engine ignores it and consider the sprite empty.

When you select a sprite, the tool displays its Sprite ID. If you type a value here, the picker selects the correct sprite. Sprites IDs begin at 0 and go up to the maximum number allowed by the total pages. If there are 4 pages, the last sprite is 1023. It is important to know the sprite ID to draw them to the display.