Sound Channels

Finally, to the right is the channel preview options. These control which channels a sound will play on when you press the play button and shows you a preview of the waveform assigned to that channel.

image alt text

The Sound Chip relies on several values from the data.json file total number of sound effects (Sounds) and the number of channels (Poly) to play them back on. You can modify this by hand or with the Chip Editor.

image alt text

The total sounds field represents how many sound effects are available in the SoundChip. Sound effect IDs start at 0. If the total value is 32, the last sound effect ID is 31. Channels, which are labeled as Poly in the Chip Editor Tool, control how many sounds can play at the same time.

Older game consoles had hard limits on the number of sounds that could play at once. Pixel Vision 8 only allows a single sound effect to run per channel. Attempting to play a different sound effect on the same channel stops the currently playing sound effect and immediately plays the new one. Channels are shared with the MusicChip as a track. Each music track plays on a single channel. You can not play a sound effect and a music track at the same time.