Creating New Disks

You can easily create empty PV8 disks on your computer’s file system. These are useful to work in if you want to have a self-contained space to work on a new game project. Simply create a new folder on your computer called EmptyDisk. Inside of the EmptyDisk folder, add an info.json file. For now, this file can be empty. Pixel Vision OS simply looks for this file to validate it can mount the disk and save special metadata.

Once created, drag the entire folder onto Pixel Vision OS’s desktop like any other PV8 disk.

image alt text

After the disk is loaded, it will show up on the desktop and you can work inside of it like other Pixel Vision 8 disk.

image alt text

You can convert any disk folder into a PV8 disk by zipping its contents and renaming the extension to .pv8. In order for a disk to work, you’ll need all the files, including info.json, at the root of the zip file. The name of the PV8 disk or folder will be automatically used when displayed on the desktop. Only mount disks with unique names or the previously loaded disk with the same name will be unmounted and replaced by the new disk.