Configure Music Generator

You can change the values of the Music Generator by accessing its settings from the drop-down menu.

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You can keep the Music Generator from creating default music instrument sound effects by changing a tracks instrument value to none. It will simply use the current sound effect settings and not generate new values. Use this if you have created custom instruments already but note that the generator works best when it knows the default instrument type.

You can modify each track’s settings to fit your needs at the top of the configure panel.

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The next area allows you to change the global values of the generator itself such as the speed in tempo, the density, funk, and layer which alters the number and types of note per track.

![image alt text](images/ConfigureMusicGenerator_image_2.png)

Finally, you can modify the musical scale to use. When you are done making changes the generator, hit the OK button to return to the music tool. Changes you make to the music generator are not saved between projects and will be lost when quitting Pixel Vision 8.

When you have built a collection of patterns, you can use the PlaySong() method and supply an array of pattern IDs to create a single song. A song builder is currently under development for a future release.