Adding Notes

Now that you know about each of the different parts of the Music Tool, let’s talk a little bit about adding notes and editing them. The primary tool for adding notes in the tracker are the keys at the bottom of the screen. Each key represents a midi note value. You can change the octave with the arrows on the left of the keys.

image alt text

The Music Tool can display up to two sets of note octaves a time, not including the last key. You can see the current C key octave at the top left corner of the key. When you press a key, the note will be added to the currently selected beat in the tracker. You can use the mouse or the input fields, above the keys, to make more granular changes to each note created.

You can also use the keyboard to input musical notes. Each keyboard key maps to the music tool’s key.

image alt text

Remember that when you use the keyboard to input a key, it will automatically advance to the next note based on the auto-increment value.