Inside A Game Project

A game is simply a collection of files that Pixel Vision 8 loads into its memory. Each of these files has a specific purpose in the project. These are the types of files that can go inside of a game project:

  • .png - used to store colors, sprites, and even tilemaps.

  • .font.png - this custom extension is used to store fonts.

  • .json - used to store system data, tilemaps, sounds, music, and metadata.

PV8 will ignore any additional files in a project that it doesn’t know how to load or edit.

At a bare minimum, a Pixel Vision 8 game requires a code.lua, data.json, and info.json file to run in Pixel Vision OS. A folder will be considered a game project by the Workspace Explorer if it has a data.json and info.json file inside of it.

image alt text

When these two files exist, additional game files will automatically be registered with their respective editor. For example, adding a sprites.png file to a game folder and opening it will launch the Sprite Tool.

image alt text

If you have a code.lua file in the game folder, a Run icon will be displayed at the top of the project allowing you to launch the folder as a game.

image alt text