Configuring Builds

If you have the Pro Tools installed, selecting the build option from the Workspace Explorer will launch the Build Tool. This tool allows configuring the build before the game is exported. When you select Build from the drop-down menu, with the Pro Tools installed, it will automatically launch the Build Tool.

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There are 3 main panels to edit your game’s name, shared library files to include, and the platforms to build for.

It’s important to note that from most games, you won’t need to include any shared libraries. If you are using and of Pixel Vision OS’s UI for example or you have your own shared libraries you used across multiple games, be sure to find them and include them in the build. If you need to include all of the files, simply hold down the Shift key while pressing on a checkbox and it will toggle them all on or off.

If you do not have the Pro Tools installed, you can access the game’s name and description by editing the info.json file directly.

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